Visiting a Nepalese Bank and Financial institutions – Customer experience

arthalaya-bank and financial institution in nepal

“Positive experience repeated regularly make you brand/service loyal” .

Repeatition of satisfaction will make you feel ownership of service, repeatation of ownership keeps you loyal, and repeatition of loyalty takes you further towards brand advocate.

How do you “feel” when you take service in Nepalese Bank and and insurance companies. FEEL here means – How do you experience service offering of Nepalese Bank and Financial institution?

Firstly, I want to make you clear that your experience with any business might start with following points:

  • You listen about the organization from your friend and relatives
  • You know about business through advertisement
  • You visit website and search for organization online
  • You visit the organization OR you communicate representatives online
  • You get response from representative
  • You get service from representative
  • The way representative speak with you
  • The way your problem has been solved
  • The way organization overall is able to solve your problem
  • The way Oganization keep in touch with you in Later days.

Are Nepalese Bank and financial institution able to maintain positive experience among its customers? If this is not the case customer are always indifferent to choose service provider and brand loyalty does not exist.


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