Stopping E-commerce service in Kathmandu

police stopping e-commerce

Are UG cake, foodmandu, kiranaonline selling really basic products?

Essential Service includes Medicine supplies, ambulance, fire and safety. They do not include bhujia, papad, kaju, biryani, momo, birthday cakes etc..

Today Social media is bombarded with status of different individuals writing against Police administration. The same chunk of people, who praised effort of Police administration to actively supporting COVID situation staying in frontline. I was just wondering whether this devcision was good or bad. Later after few research I realized that Police administration, who stopped entrepreneurs and employees of Urban Girl, Kirana Online, Foodmandu, Rasanmart, Nepexpress etc… was fair decision.

In entire Nepal, Grocery stores are availavle everywhere and almost all sell in MRP (Maximum Retail Price) there is very slight difference in price of grocery among e-commerce grocery and retail store nearby you.

E-commerce stores who sell other (non-grocery) items are not really basic essentials. For e.g. If I order momo from foodmandu- that are not basic items, rather they are luxurious item in current situation.

Government has given specific time duration for entrepreneurs to supply basic essentials. Entrepreneurs should understand the seriousness of current situation. Delivering Luxury in the name of home essentials only increases the risk of COVIS-19 spread.

Frontline employees of E-commerce sites are at high risk. They deliver to save their job,. Even if they are allowed by Administration to deliver they still are in high risk. We have to be clear that household, who order online grocery are seeking to prepare luxurious meals and upload it in social media. In my opinion they are not basic items.

I suggest entrepreneurs to become aware of current situation and minimize their activity in the given timeline only if items are really basics. Nepalese people are in high risk of COVID-19 crisis. Lets stay home and save other people and content our need with only basics.


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