Enhanced Downfall of Nepalese Education system

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You might have heard about the word downfall, but today i use a special word "ENHANCED DOWNFALL". I have millions of logic to proove it. If you are young and worried about your future or if you have children, brother, sisters and want them to do something in their life please read this until last line.

You might have heard about the word downfall, but today i use a special word “ENHANCED DOWNFALL”. I have millions of logic to proove it. If you are young and worried about your future or if you have children, brother, sisters and want them to do something in their life please read this until last line.

What is Enhanced Downfall?

Enhanced downfall is a state where the downfall continues from previous stage of downfall and get more worse and it gets very difficult to recover from the downfall and recovery stage is unknown.

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Downfall of Nepalese Education system

After Democracy in 2007 (1951 AD) Nepalese education was just born. It took at least 20-30 years for people to understand the importance of education. If your age is below 40 years, then your grand parents were not Formal education literate (with few % of exceptions). Your parents might go until school, but most of them left in the middle. You were lucky and completed at least +2 or bachelors pass or minority percentage masters and few phd. Now, your kids have full access to education system.

If you are 1970/80s kids you were in good education system, school were reliable and trustworthy. Government schools were famous and had quality education. Most of household preferred to educate their kids in local government owned high school. Private schools were emerging and only few parents approved to send their kids in private school.

In 1990s after Nepal government came up with privatization policy, private schools mushroomed and there was a huge flux of millenials to private schools, while government schools were also at the peak. After late 90’s Maoist outbreak was at peak and remote areas school were already in trauma as teachers were not available due to external threat of maoist insurgent or Army. Cities were quite safe for students and families from remote area who afforded to send their kids to cities started sending them to cities, but poor did not had that opportunity.

Apart from education literacy, students were high in their mental health with lot of physical activities and sports. I am also a milenial born in 1980s, and i remember playground around me when i was in school. All students were spending their time in playground with certain level of physical activities.

Thereafter, post 2000s the trend started to shift and young people started to shift their priority. The situation went worse, where education quality of Government schools were downgraded due to peak civil war and political instability and few government schools failed to pass a single student in SLC examination. Number of student in public school started to decrease. It started to become shamefull to get your kids in Nepalese governement school.

After 2006 Maoist insurgency was over and peace process adapted in Nepal, but there was a huge gap between infrastructure and students. Civil war destroyed almost everything. Many schools were shut down, teachers quality were not updated, students learning morale was very down in rural areas. Cities were improving with the boom of private sectors and there was high gap between urban and rural kids.

I personally call this Downfall of Nepalese Education system in context of rural areas.

After 2006 peace process, there was supposed to be rising stage of Nepalese education system, but things were not as expected. There started digital era of Mobiles and social media. Now, students were not spending their time in Playground playing physical sports rather they started using mobile phones, games and social media. Education now was second priority. With the rise of social media and smart phones students started getting more social, while staying in isolation.

Not all students misused the technology, but majority of student always feel good while using and spending time in social media and mobile games. Since 2010 until 2019 we can feel the overall quality of students (specially from modern private schools) also do not have a proper academic skill in compared to previous generation.

I do not have specific data, but when I interact with bachelors student of top rated business college in Kathmandu and they do not even know who is Jack Ma or Jeff Bezozz or they do not know very basics of business concepts then I feel that generation who were in school in 1990’s were far more smart than 2010-20 students.

Enhanced Downfall

If you are an entrepreneur you don’t find employee with handfull skill. If you visit government agency you don’t find supportive employee. If you have to negotiate with international clients, you cannot afford to win the negotiation. Politicians do not make policy based on data, they make policy based on their assumptions. If your employer give you skillfull task you prefer to resign and go abroad for comfortable life. You earn if you do not study and work for a policital party. This situation is rooted with our education system and skill set of Nepalese youths.

Covid 19 closed Nepalese education system and now students are missing opportunity to learn in their school and colleges. These pubg generation are in vaccum period where they are missing lot of things to learn. Since seven month they are staying home and online classes failed in all education institution. I feel this is situation of enhanced Downfall of Nepalese education system and government also do not prioritize education sector as basic Need.

Isn’t this Enhanced Downfall ?


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